What's Your Stance on the A's and Patterson Ranch?

Patterson Ranch and the Oakland Athletics possible move to Fremont are arguably the two biggest issues facing the Fremont City Council of late. The incumbents have nothing on their web site about either of these important issues.

On both of these issues, it’s not surprising that the incumbents don’t want to discuss these. For Patterson Ranch, they’ve both taken campaign contributions from the land owners. On the A’s, they spent a lot of money and staff time investigating the issue in secret knowing there would be significant opposition.

My opinions on these matters are made clear by the following:

Patterson Ranch

Position paper on Patterson Ranch

Friend of Coyote Hills Press Release

Blog post on the Sierra Club’s comments on the Draft EIR

Planning Commission meeting on September 23

Athletics Move to Fremont

Position Paper on the Athletics

Blog post called “Will the New Ballpark Plan Include Rezoning to Allow Over 3,000 Homes?”

Blog post called “Has the San Jose Arena (HP Pavilion) “Rebuilt San Jose”? No.”

Blog post on my presentation to Council after their secret A’s study was revealed

Ballpark position paper from 2008

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4 comments on “What's Your Stance on the A's and Patterson Ranch?”

  1. MikeTeeVee Reply

    “Bill noted that he does not want to take a position on this as it’s something that’s going to likely come before the Council soon.”

    He’s running for city council, not the Supreme Court!

    It’s the judicial branch that’s supposed to be coy, not the legislative branch. 😉

  2. admin Reply

    Also, this issue came up at the APAPA debate tonight. Bill noted that he does not want to take a position on this as it’s something that’s going to likely come before the Council soon. I replied that the voters are most concerned about issues like this that ARE coming before the voters.

    Why can’t the incumbents tell us whether they are inclined to approve this or not? There’s definitely enough information on the project to make an informed decision.

  3. Lisa Ramee Reply

    While Patterson and the A’s might be important (although, really the A’s, still?) I am disheartened that candidates and current office holders don’t seem to realize that the enormous wasteland in Centerville created by the City Council is a much more immediate and pressing issue. If we are a city that can not develop such a key piece of Fremont land, then that shows just how ineffective our city government has been and will continue to be.

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