Vargas Plateau Closed due to Lawsuit about Road

The recently opened Vargas Plateau park has been closed due to a legal dispute. The Park District will be appealing the ruling. Regardless of the appeal status, the City will be working with the District as needed to get the park reopened as soon as possible.


Vargas Plateau

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  1. Lawrence Edelson Reply

    The irony is that a several hundred cars a week use Morrison Canyon Road and Vargas Road to bypass 680 in the afternoon. The additional traffic the park creates is insignificant compared to the inappropriate use of these roads as a commute corridor.

    The continued closure of Vargas Plateau forces people in the neighborhood to use these roads for walking and bicycling and places them at direct risk with this heavy traffic. A more sane solution is to open the park for pedestrians and bicyclists while the moot point if traffic gets litigated for even more years.

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