Sierra Club Endorsement Press Release

Below is the Sierra Club’s Press Release announcing their endorsement of me.

Vote for Vinnie Bacon, a Club leader, for Fremont City Council

For over five years Vinnie Bacon has served on the Executive Committee of the Sierra Club’s Southern Alameda County Group, as treasurer and then for the last year-and-a-half as Group chair.

He was and is one of the main green activists in the long battle against the Patterson Ranch development next to Coyote Hills Regional Park. He was one of the first citizens in Fremont to speak out against the massive development proposed as part of the Oakland A’s ballpark village that Fremont’s City Council hoped to build next door to the Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge. Vinnie is running a clean money campaign by refusing any donations from big developers, and has challenged his opponents to do the same. Unfortunately the two incumbents have not risen to the challenge, and will continue to be heavily funded by big developers, including the Patterson family.

Vinnie ran in 2008 and shocked Fremont’s political establishment by coming in a strong third, just missing a seat on the Council. “He came out of nowhere” is what the local politicians were saying after Vinnie’s surprisingly strong showing in the election. The strong base of support Vinnie gained in 2008 plus the amazing energy he’s put into this year’s campaign give him a real chance of bringing a refreshing new approach into Fremont politics.

You can find Vinnie’s biography, endorsements, and detailed positions on his web site:

Or check out his campaign’s Facebook page.

What you can do

Vinnie’s is a real grassroots campaign, steeped in the Sierra Club tradition of volunteer effectiveness. To help in the effort, contact Chapter conservation organizer Jeramiah Dean at (510)848-0800, ext. 304, or:

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