New Position Paper on NUMMI Site

I just posted a position paper on the future of the NUMMI site. The conclusion is below. The full text can be found here.

NUMMI provided Fremont and the surrounding area with several thousand manufacturing jobs. We need to focus our efforts on replenishing these manufacturing jobs.

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3 comments on “New Position Paper on NUMMI Site”

  1. Bruce Allen Reply

    Steve said it well. Tesla or another manufacturer is what we need. We need something on that site that will create meaningful job opportunities. A ballpark? Career beer vendors? Come on, Fremont can do better than that. Fremont deserves better that that. Since we live in the heart of the Silicon Valley, let’s exploit that. Turn the vacant lot called NUMMI into the New United Career Opportunity Center. Let’s turn Joseph Schumpeter’s ” waves of creative destruction ” loose to create new era of prosperity in Fremont.

  2. Steve Reply

    It is essential that we do whatever we can to encourage someone to come into the NUMMI plant and hire thousands of workers. If it is Tesla, so be it. If it is another company so be it. If they make something other than cars, so be it. We have the space, need for jobs and tax revenue from such a business.

  3. Kathy Reply

    Hi Vinnie,
    This is a great encapsulation of our NUMMI situation. Left to historic practices, and a silent, underinformed populace, we could easily end up with a stadium, more strip malls, and additional housing units we cannot support with existing area schools or City infrastructure.

    Further, money for the City’s involvement in such a project could only come from our redevelopment fund…money that is supposed to rid us of blight, and improve our future; money from issuing bonds (debt) that the council members do not need our approval to authorize. We cannot put our children in debt for another multi-million dollar gift to developers.

    Fremont citizens can ensure that we avoid this terrible outcome by replacing the incumbent council members, so we can allow other, better options to get a fair chance to succeed.


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