New Position Paper on Economic Development

I just posted a position paper on how to bring on economic development in Fremont. The conclusion is below. The full text can be found here.

Given the difficult economic times, our City’s activities should be focused on improving our economy by creating jobs and helping local businesses get established here if Fremont.

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2 comments on “New Position Paper on Economic Development”

  1. Steve Reply

    Personally I don’t give a rat’s patootie whether the A’s or any other Pro team comes to Fremont. Businesses may benefit but is it worth the additional cost of police and fire to support such an operation.

  2. Steve Reply

    Vinnie, I saw you at Safeway and we briefly chatted. You will get my opinion on several issues. Here goes on this one.

    As the 2nd largtest Bay Area City regarding area and 4th largest in population it is important that we have a diversity of businesses for people to work in. To be a city our size and not have shopping is ridiculous. Until recently one had to go to Hayward, Milpitas or (dare I say) Newark to do any serious shopping. While boutiques are cute and can provide goods and products that one won’t find in the big stores they have a limited clinetel. It is essential we encourage shops of all sizes to come to Fremont. We see places advertised on TV and the nearest to our house isn’t in Fremont it is frustrating.

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