I support Fremont’s Measure I on the June 6 Ballot

After my post on the State bond measure I was asked about Measure I in Fremont. I am endorsing this measure.


Measure I is a local initiative that would extend and increase the existing parcel tax that Fremont residents pay from $53 to $73 per parcel.

I don’t think it’s a contradiction to support this measure and also be opposed to the State bond measure. Measure I will be Fremont residents paying to support Fremont schools. While some of the money may go to portables to accommodate increased demand due to new development, the money from this measure will go to the existing school needs in Fremont, which we all know are plentiful.

As noted, one of the issues I have with the State bond measure is that while all of the State will have to repay this bond, the money for new construction will obviously be used more in those areas that are growing rapidly. The bond measure will actually enhance the ability of sprawling cities to continue to grow in a sprawling manner. Those cities that are not growing rapidly, and don’t have an overcrowding problem, will have to help pay for those that do. In my opinion, that’s not fair.

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