Getting Notified About City Council and Other Key Meetings

Here’s some useful information on how to get notified about City meetings.  You can also watch the City Council and other meetings live on Channel 27.  Previous Council meetings are archived on the City’s website.

  • eNews Subscriptions – The best way to keep up with the City’s activities is to sign up for eNews subscriptions. You do this by going to the City’s email list management site.  This site allows you to subscribe to many different mailing lists.  Just like my emails, you can unsubscribe at any time.  I would suggest at least subscribing to the City Council agendas list which only generates a few emails a month.  You can take a quick look at the agenda for every City Council meeting and drill down into the full reports if desired.  There are also categories for the Warm Springs Community Plan, Downtown development, and many others.
  • Open City Hall – This is an innovative section of the City’s web page that staff has put together.  They post various topics on which community members can post their opinions.  I find it very helpful to read all of these comments to understand what the community’s concerns are about a particular issue.  You can read more about this here. The current open topic is “What kinds of acts of compassion best reflect your idea of a compassionate city?”
  • Facebook, Twitter, etc. – The City has a number of social media sites for various City departments.  You can see a complete list of these here.  I would particularly like to highlight the Nixle notifications.  These are from the Police Department on various topics and are quite informative.

New City Website – The City of Fremont’s website was updated a few months ago.  You can read more about this here.

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