Council Approves Citywide Design Guidelines and Mission Palms Neighborhood Designation (7/12)

This may seem like a wonky planning issue but it has significant implications for many Fremont residents. The guidelines put limits on exactly how one can improve their current home. Residents are still free to make additions to their home, but within specified limits.

The attached photo is how a neighbor’s oversized addition can greatly impact ones privacy. This is now the neighbor’s new view from their kitchen. This home was modified by a ‘flipper’ who wanted to radically increase the existing home size and sell it for maximum value. I believe that residents who move into a neighborhood have a reasonable expectation that the neighborhood will retain its original character.


The citywide guidelines apply throughout the City. The second item was initiated by residents of the Mission Palms neighborhood (where the attached photo is from). This neighborhood designation is similar to ones that were done for the Glenmoor and Mission Ranch neighborhoods several years back.

The regulations restrict the maximum lot coverage to 40%. The second story can only be 60% as big as the first story and must not exceed 1,000 sq. ft. The regulations are such that one can develop a larger home by restricting additions to only the first story.

I’m proud of the residents of Mission Palms for all of the work that they did to make this happen. They truly demonstrated that a group of concerned residents really can make a difference in their city.

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