Patterson Ranch Position Paper

I just posted a position paper on the Patterson Ranch development. The conclusion is below. The full text is at:

“The current General Plan allows for about 260 homes to be developed on the Patterson Ranch site. The latest development proposal would require that the City Council amend the General Plan to double the amount of homes allowed on this land. I see no reason to permit more homes to be developed in this area than current zoning allows.”

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  1. Steve Reply

    Limited development is fine but don’t get carried away with it. If they don’t develop here they’ll go elsewhere (see Newark and New Park Mall). We will still get the traffic and not the tax revenues from it. We are a bedroom community and should be more into industry and fine restaurants as well as shopping etc. What about a real radio station or TV station? How about more than Ohlone College and a few private colleges?

  2. admin Reply

    I subscribe to a mailing list of interesting bird sightings in the Bay Area. I’m amazed how many of these come from Coyote Hills. Below is one such entry from today. We need to recognize this as a natural treasure and do what we can to preserve this area for generations to come.


    I led my Palo Alto Adult School birding class to Coyote Hills Regional Park in Fremont today. Some members were there at 6:30 to hear three BLACK RAILS in the marsh beside the entrance road just after the kiosk. Another two BLACK RAILS were heard along the marsh walk that leads from the kiosk back toward the visitors center. All 5 Black Rails were calling repeatedly, some tantalizingly close to our group. Also heard were at least 2 VIRGINIA RAILS, and later a SORA in the marsh across from the visitors center.

    The main pond across from the visitors center there were 3 BLUE- WINGED TEAL (male and two females), A Selasphorus Hummingbird was working the flowers near the garden, and a surprise GOLDEN-CROWNED KINGLET made an appearance near the Ohlone Hut. Along the edges of the walkway a FOX SPARROW was found.

    At Hoot Hollow there were two NORTHERN ROUGH-WINGED SWALLOWS foraging high overhead, along with abundant TREE SWALLOWS and 1 or 2 BARN SWALLOWS. A single HOUSE WREN was singing near the picnic tables here. HERMIT THRUSH was heard in this area as well.

    From the hilltop we looked toward the distant pond and spotted a GOLDEN EAGLE perched on the rock. We searched for Rock Wren in this area as well, but were not successful. We did however, find 2 BLUE- GRAY GNATCATCHERS in the dry chaparral slope beside the south parking lot. The south pond contained a drake EURASIAN WIGEON.

  3. coyote Bill Reply

    Vinnie, I have read your position paper on the Patterson Development.
    It is clear, very readable, I support your position on the Patterson Development.

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