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Kimber Park Finally Becomes Private Open Space

At the June 7 council meeting, one of the issues was whether the Council should designate the park land at the center of the Kimber Park neighborhood as ‘private open space’. A private open space designation limits what the owners can develop on the land. For example, housing cannot be developed on private open space.

kimber_smCouncil had actually already designated this parcel as private open space in 2012. But the property owner sued, arguing that the process wasn’t done correctly. They won which meant the parcel reverted to a status of a ‘study area’, which meant that the Council had to decide again how the parcel should be zoned. Staff began again the process of re-designating the parcel. The Planning Commission heard the matter last month and unanimously supported staff’s recommendation which was to once again zone the parcel private open space (making sure to do it correctly this time). (more…)

Position Paper on Kimber Park

I attended the Fremont City Council meeting on Tuesday. It was well attended by Save Kimber Park people and the developers. The developers presented several plans all but one of which had about 15 new homes.

Christina Broadwin of Save Kimber Park was given 10 minutes to speak and did an excellent job explaining their side of the issue. She noted that the group is now collecting signatures for a ballot initiative that would require any zoning change involving private open space to be subject to a vote of the residents of Fremont. You can read more about this initiative here:

While the Council had some harsh words for the developers, there were no decisions made on the development. It appears that they will continue with their plans and bring these back to the City at a future date.

I have a position paper on Kimber Park posted on my website.