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Council Approves Moving Dead Bodies to Build More Homes

The headline sounds ridiculous but it’s true. The Argus article presents the details.

There is a web site which presents the argument against building these homes.

At a time when Fremont needs jobs and businesses, our Council continues to approve more housing development. These new homes will need police and fire services which we’re already having trouble funding. These homes will also add more students to our already overcrowded schools. Again, our Council has the wrong priorities for what’s needed right now.

Harrison Tries to Explain Why Taking Developer Money is OK

Matt Artz of the Argus recently created a blog post about the first round of financial reports received for the Fremont City Council election. Of course, it was noted that both of the incumbents are taking money from developers. Harrison tried to explain why this is ok:

“Just because someone gives me a donation doesn’t mean I’m beholden to them,” he said. “I have my integrity.”

The current Council has made many decisions that have been favorable to developers over the last few years. In my opinion, they haven’t displayed this integrity very well. Bill also said:

”He’s a key player in Centerville controls a lot of land that covers Fremont Boulevard. I’d rather have a relationship with these people where we can work together than be adversarial.”

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Patterson Ranch at the Planning Commission

Meeting Continues Next Thursday, September 30, 7:00 p.m., Fremont City Council Chambers

The Planning Commission met last Thursday and the Patterson Ranch project was the main item on the agenda. There were many speakers, including a number of them Ardenwood residents, that spoke passionately about their dislike of the project. My comments were basically that this is not a project that Fremont needs. It will not help our economy, it will not bring jobs, and it will hurt our schools.

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