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Fremont’s Human Relations Commission at Pride Parade in SF

prideThanks to Congressman Eric Swalwell for joining Fremont’s contingent in the SF Pride parade yesterday. We had quite a good turnout once again.

Thanks also to Fremont’s very fine Human Relations Commission and Human Services Department for organizing this. We go above and beyond what most cities do in this regard.

Watching the TV re-broadcast of the parade last night the commentators had some very nice things to say about Fremont, noting that this is our fifth straight year of participating. I’m very proud to be part of a city that says loud and clear that bigotry and homophobia are NOT welcome in our city.

New Downtown Community Center Moving Forward

At last Tuesday’s meeting the architects showed their updated plans for the new downtown community center and city hall. This photo only shows the community center and plaza that will be built in the first phase. In this photo, the corner of Capitol and State is at the lower right.

The community center will have a large meeting room on the first floor and several other meeting rooms on the second floor. The plaza area will have a large screen (top of the photo) that could be used to show movies, etc. The tree in the lower right is a large existing tree that will be preserved.

The diagram was actually of the whole block and includes the new City Hall building. However, that portion of the development is in phase II and likely won’t occur for a while. Phase I will hopefully break ground in the summer of next year.