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Battle over "Oak Grove" Development in Pleasanton

There’s a very interesting battle brewing over a development in the Pleasanton hills called Oak Grove. It’s a classic case of developer-funded Council members pushing for an environmentally-unsound project that is bad for the city, and not wanted by the majority of the residents.

The Council approved the project back in 2007. A citizens group completed the difficult task of gathering over 5,000 signatures in 30 days to put a referendum on the ballot. The property owners sued to have the signature gathering effort invalidated. It took a long, two year legal battle but the courts ruled that the signatures were valid earlier this year. In response, the Council decided last month to put the referendum on the June 2010 ballot.

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Patterson Ranch Position Paper

I just posted a position paper on the Patterson Ranch development. The conclusion is below. The full text is at:

“The current General Plan allows for about 260 homes to be developed on the Patterson Ranch site. The latest development proposal would require that the City Council amend the General Plan to double the amount of homes allowed on this land. I see no reason to permit more homes to be developed in this area than current zoning allows.”

Corporate Funded Elections Hurt at the Local Level Too

The Supreme Court recently rolled back restrictions on corporate spending in campaigns.

While this ruling only affects federal elections, it is worth noting that corporate interests can still have a strong, negative influence on local elections. Fremont has a history of campaigns that are funded largely by developer interests. It’s not surprising that our City Council has consistently made decisions that help the developer community at the expense of good planning. The Friends of Coyote Hills has a web page which looks at the money that Mayoral and Council candidates have taken in recent elections.

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