Appointment to the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority

I was recently appointed as a member of the Governing Board of the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority. The Authority is a regional government agency charged with “raising and allocating resources for the restoration, enhancement, protection, and enjoyment of wetlands and wildlife habitat in the San Francisco Bay and along its shoreline.”

The biggest news from the Authority is that they have put a nine county ballot measure on this June’s ballot (Measure AA). This is a parcel tax of $12 per parcel for twenty years. It would generate about $25 million a year which will be used to fund shoreline projects that protect and restore San Francisco Bay. Specifically, the measure would:

(1) reduce trash, pollution and harmful toxins;
(2) improve water quality;
(3) restore habitat for fish, birds and wildlife;
(4) protect communities from floods; and
(5) increase shoreline access for public enjoyment

You can read more about the Authority and Measure AA here.

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