Warm Springs / Milpitas Residents Complaining about Smell

What’s that smell?

A number of Fremont residents have recently complained about odors coming from the Newby Island facility in San Jose. I talked with City staff about this issue. Unfortunately, it sounds like there might not be much the City itself can do about this. Milpitas, who are even more impacted by this, lost their lawsuit against the expansion of the facility and have filed an appeal.

On the positive side, much of this has to do with the prevailing wind patterns. Normally, the wind is from the northwest which means the odors tend to go south of Fremont. The winter is when we see more southwesterly winds which are the worst in this regard.


Staff also noted below that the approved expansion will supposedly not include more of what’s causing the odor so hopefully things won’t get worse as a result of the expansion.

My only suggestion at this point is to file a complaint immediately when the odor is bad. I think the best place to complain is to the Bay Area Area Quality Management District (BAAQMD). You can call them at (800) 334-6367. Of course, the more complaints they get, the more they’ll be inclined to act on it.

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