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My 200 Words

I filed my nomination papers with the City of Fremont today and they’ve confirmed that everything is in order. My name will be on the November ballot!

I paid for a ‘candidate statement’ in the voter guide. You are allowed 200 words. I only needed 198 to get my point across. Here they are!

We need a change on the City Council. In these challenging times, Council continues to make decisions that hurt our City’s quality of life and fiscal health.

In Centerville, years after kicking out local businesses on Fremont Boulevard, Council sold this vacant land to a developer for one dollar and provided $13 million in city funds to further subsidize this development.

When NUMMI closed, Council focused on the failed ballpark scheme instead of working to restore the lost manufacturing jobs.

Council is set to approve 520 homes at Patterson Ranch while the Ardenwood elementary schools are already overcrowded. The land owners have contributed heavily to our current Council members’ campaigns.

I’ve pledged not to take campaign contributions from developers. I will base my decisions on what’s best for the people of Fremont, not for developers or other special interests.

While Fremont is friendly to developers that write big checks, our quality of life and the business climate have suffered. We need to support the development of pedestrian friendly neighborhoods and help our small businesses thrive.

I will use my masters degrees in City Planning and Transportation Engineering to bring balanced development to Fremont.

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