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KGO Asks Some Good Questions

KGO had us prepare a five minute video talking about the issues. In addition, they asked some good questions asking about our overall philosophy on government. I figured they’re worth posting here.

1. Please tell us about yourself and your background.
I am not a political insider. I am a resident of Fremont who feels that the current Council is not adequately representing the needs of the average Fremont resident.

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League of Women Voters Debate / September 20, 2010

The League of Women Voters held what will be the only televised debate of the 2010 Fremont City Council campaign. I think it went very well. I made some very good points and put the incumbents on the defensive. You can read about it at the following locations:

Matt Artz’s blog post

Matt’s write up for the Argus

The rebroadcast schedule and online video of the forum can be seen at:

League of Women Voters site

Bill Harrison Tries to Belittle My Sierra Club Endorsement

Bill Harrison tried to denounce my Sierra Club endorsement in the Tri-City Democratic forum today since they never contacted him for an endorsement. I replied something like:

“I’m proud of my endorsement by the Sierra Club. As you should know, the environmental movement is very disappointed in the actions of the Fremont City Council. It’s not surprising to me that they decided to not even interview you.”

Bill should know that any organization that makes endorsements can decide to not even interview a candidate that they are sure they will not endorse.

I’ve been disappointed that many organizations have a ‘horse race’ mentality and simply endorse the incumbents. These are groups that will likely have to work with the Council in the future and don’t want to make waves by making a principled endorsement. It must really annoy Bill that one organization that isn’t afraid to send a message to an incumbent didn’t even view him as worth interviewing.

I Got Some “Good Luck”

On the campaign trail many people wish me “good luck”. Of course, I respond with “Thank you”. The cynical, logical side of me would often like to say “This isn’t about luck. It’s about how many people like yourself will be willing to vote for me.” … With one exception.

The Secretary of State randomizes all of the names on any ballot. With a name like ‘Bacon’ I’d prefer they just went alphabetically.

I ended up fourth out of ten. That might not sound great but the first three names are people that I don’t think will be running a strong campaign. It’s quite likely that someone going through the ballot will see my name as the first one they recognize. The two incumbents got seventh and tenth.

The complete, ordered list of candidates for Fremont City Council is below.

Vladimir Rodriguez
Fazlur Khan
Kristen Briggs
Vinnie Bacon
Carl Flynn
Linda Susoev
Anu Natarajan
Kathy Rhyu McDonald
J. Timothy Herndon
Bill Harrison