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Council Votes to Endorse November School Bond Measure

The City Council voted on to endorse a $9 billion Statewide bond measure that will be on the ballot this November. The vote was 4-1 with me casting the one dissenting vote. While it sounds nice to provide money for schools, this bond measure is, in my opinion, the wrong way to do it.

The bond measure puts the burden of paying for new construction on taxpayers. I believe housing developers should pay for the new school construction that is necessitated by their developments.

schoolsWe are all aware of the current school overcrowding issue in Fremont and other cities. The main reason for this is that new development has continued at a rapid pace and the State simply doesn’t have the money to build the needed schools. I believe that the responsibility for building new schools should rest on the developers that are making those new schools necessary, and profiting handsomely from those developments.

Currently, the fees that developers are required to pay to cover new school construction are capped by state law. The fees only cover about one-third of the needed infrastructure.


How Would You Spend a $5.2 Million Budget Windfall

First, I have to note how disappointing it is that so few people are even aware of the City’s budgeting process. In the three budget cycles that I’ve been through, I think we’ve had only one person speak on this matter. This year has been no exception.

At last Tuesday’s Council meeting we were told that the current year’s financial situation is $5.2 million better than originally forecast. (Staff forecasts tend to be conservative which is a good thing.) As has happened in years past, there was no prior discussion of what should be done with this money. Instead, staff presented a list of eight items they think the money should be spent on. These suggestions are usually just approved. There is little input from the City Council, let alone the public, as to how this surplus should be spent. (more…)

The Council Grant Program I Suggested was not Approved

I made a referral to have Council create a $100,000 fund to provide assistance to various non-profits in the City such as the Fremont Symphony, the Fourth of July Parade, community gardens, etc.  I was pleased that staff’s analysis showed that this could be done in the current fiscal year.

My motion to move forward with the fund didn’t even get a second.  This was rather disappointing.